5 Principals that Make Good Design

Principals that Make Good Design

An effective website starts with good design.  Good design is more than just having a pretty website; good design takes the user into account along with being visually appealing.  You have been to a bad website before, everyone has, you can’t find anything, it’s ugly and all you want to do is hit the back button and leave.  For the business owner a poorly designed site can cost you traffic, increase your bounce rate and ruin your conversion rate.

Your website is how the world is going to see your business, do you want it to look professional and polished or like a six year old was playing on the computer.  A well thought out website engages visitors, information is easy to find, and it drives the audience to take action.  That could be a phone call to you or for them to make a purchase. make your website secure !

Here are five principals that make good design.

  1. Define the Purpose of Your Site

Your site should cater to the needs of the people actually visiting it.  There are lots of reasons to put up a website, entertainment, information, to sell a product or for a local business to generate leads.  It needs to have a clear function with every page and clearly show the user exactly what they are looking for. You may want to incorporate some Search engine optimization into your design before you lauch the site live. You many need to find and SEO expert try Googling something like Calgary SEO for example or SEO services

  1. Easy to Use Layout

When a visitor lands on your page they want to find the information that they are looking for as soon as possible, a clear layout helps them do this.  A solid wall of text does not make it easy to find information.  Take advantage of headings, sub headings, bullet points, images and short to the point sentences.  Graphics and video also improve the user experience and video has the best return when it comes to engagement.

  1. Easy to Read Fonts

Use a Sans Serif font such Arial or Open Sans they are modern looking with no decoration and they work well on a screen.  Keep the text size at or near 16px, it’s not too small or too large.  Don’t use a bunch of different font type it just looks messy, at most use one font for the body and another for headings.

  1. Colors

The use of color on your website is just as important as painting your house.  Do you want to spend all day looking at fluorescent yellow walls, probably not, so take the same care when planning your color scheme.  Use complementary colors, it makes it easier to read.  Vibrant colors should be used for things like call to action buttons or to highlight something specific.

  1. Navigation

Keeping navigation simple and easy it allows visitors to explore your site and see everything it has to offer.  It should take less than three clicks to get to whatever piece of information that your visitor is looking for.  Make use of things like breadcrumbs and page hierarchy to keep organized.

A visually appealing that is functional for the user is easily achievable when all the right elements are put into place.  Build it right in the beginning and you site will be useful and engaging.  Here is a video from Tech Talk explaining what makes up good design.

Small Business Web Design: What Not to Do

Small Business Web Design

Your website is the central part of every small business’ branding and marketing efforts.  The people who land on your website do so for a reason so make sure that you can provide the information or products and services they are looking for.

Mistakes in your website cost you money, sometimes thousands of dollars in revenue and if it is not fixed you’re bleeding money all over the internet.  A well designed site generates leads and increased your bottom line.

These are some common mistakes by business owners that will hurt your bottom line.

Not Taking the Time to Know Your Market

Instead of rushing to get your website online take some time to research the audience you’re trying to attract in your target market.  After that you can build your site based on the research you have done.  Here’s an example if you want to reach millennials then make sure you have included video, your site is mobile responsive and you need to be active on the right social networks, skip over Facebook and choose Instagram or Snapchat instead.

No Unnecessary Crap

Your website is meant to drive traffic and convert that traffic into sales or leads.  Overwhelming your homepage with every feature you can think of works against you and it looks utterly awful on a smart phone or tablet.  Get rid of any feature that automatically plays music or video when a visitor lands on your page, it is distracting and incredibly annoying.  Less really is more!

You need clear cut navigation, if your visitor can’t find what they are looking for within 3 seconds then your website isn’t working.  If you are a local business get rid of that above the fold form, it screams 2005 and it doesn’t generate you leads either.  It also looks ridiculous on a mobile phone replace with a push to call button instead.

Call to Action is Not Clear

When someone lands on your website what do you want them to do next?  Do you want a form filled out, a subscription or a phone call?  Your visitor needs to know what to do next and it is your job to tell them.  You need a clear call to action to direct them where you want them to be.

Too Vague

This goes back to doing your research and understanding your market.  You’re not there to cater to everyone, you’re not Google.  You need to have a clear understanding of who you want visiting your site and what it will take to get them there.

Trying to Build Your Own Site

There are tons of sites out there that allow you to build your own site, Wix or Weebly just to name two.  They lure you with the promise that in less than an hour and with a couple of clicks of the mouse you’ll have an award winning high converting website.  None of that is true.  At best it will still look amateurish at worst it will be downright unusable.  This is where you make a first impression with clients and customers, don’t scrimp on good design done by a professional. we do SEO and Web designs http://www.calgaryseocompany.ca/